These past few weeks, us 12-13 year old scouts, have been working on the woodworking merit badge, with Bohn, and Francie Bales. In order to complete this merit badge we have to do a series of of things like, using different tools such as a ban saw, hammer, plane, bit and other useful tools. Some other requirements for this merit badge are that you have to explain how timber/lumber is grown, harvested and milled. Another requirement involves explaining how to treat a cut or splinter and even how to prevent this hazard from happening. The project we have been working on is a stool/small storage space. These have been very fun to work on especially sense we get to use the tools by ourselves, (in adult super vision of course)  and we get to make something that we will use in the future. None of us have finished but we are planning on finishing in groups of 2-3 on our own time. This has been an awesome experience so far and we are really looking forward to finishing this project/merit badge.

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