Winter campout at Strawberry reservoir

On January 22nd – 23rd the scouts went on a winter campout to Strawberry reservoir to go ice fishing and the snow was 2-3 feet so there was a lot of snow and when we arrived it was 6 degrees and in the morning it was -4 degrees so it was a very cold campout but the scouts had fun.

IMG_0038  IMG_0040IMG_0039

the pictures above are when we went ice fishing and the ice was thick enough to walk on and the ice was about 13 inches deep so we were fine to walk on the ice, but unfortunately nobody      caught a fish.


IMG_1718IMG_1723this photo shows Ethan standing up in the snow, and it was pretty hard walking in it and getting out, but luckily we did not half to set up our tents in the deep snow but instead we camped in the parking lot.

IMG_1720this is Thor under the dock, the picture above with Ethan in it and next to it are the dock and some scouts dug under the dock and made a little cave.

But the scouts had a great time except for the cold of coarse but all the snow was fun to play in.

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