Resources – The system we use to track each boy’s progress through the Scouting process as well as the Duty to God process. Parents, boys and leaders should all have access to this site. If you don’t have a login, please fill out the form below and we will create one for you and email it to you. – The official BSA website. Here you can access the most recent requirements foradvancement as well as a lot of useful information about the scouting program. Advancement Videos – These are videos created to help Scouts understand and pass off the requirements for Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class. – This is the National Parks Council website. Great information on local news, events, and information for Scouting.  This site also provides information about events being sponsored in the Lehi District.

Green Park Ward Web Page – This is the launch page for the Green Park Ward, a login is required. – This site is a great resource for merit badges.  Merit badge worksheets and other useful information are found here.
Become a Merit Badge Counciler – This page provides you with all the information needed to become a merit badge counciler in the Lehi District.  Help the young men in your neighborhood.