march campout

This month in march 2016 the Lancaster’s family offered to let us camp in some of their land, and the scouts agreed and took the offer and decided that we should have a stew with anything from soup and so all the scouts had to bring something sweet and then something like chicken you can put into a soup, and we also made some cobbler with peaches, pineapple, and cherries and then cake mix on the top and we poured some sprite on the top to moisturize the cake mix and to add more sugar.


IMG_2066we also had some elk meat that was marinated.


IMG_2072this is some scouts preparing the stew we ate, and it was surprisingly good.

IMG_2079wile we were packing up and having breakfast, we saw lots of mechanized infantry and other armored cars and some military jeeps and many of them were passing by.


all the scouts had a fun time playing capture the flag and cooking and eating great food and

we think this was good for our scout troop.

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